Vikingland Retriever Club is a non-profit, licensed American Kennel Club (AKC) organization formed in 2017 whose purpose is to further the advancement of purebred retriever breeds through training, education and sporting events for amateurs and youth handlers, while promoting sportsmanlike conduct.

Most club members are retriever enthusiasts in the Alexandria/Lowry area who enjoy training, hunting, and competing with their dogs, while also sharing their time and talents with other members and area youth. Other club members are professional trainers and amateur handlers from farther away who enjoy training and competing when they are in the area.

Member activities include training opportunities, AKC licensed field trials and hunt tests, informal field trials, seminars, youth events, and other social club activities.


Training opportunities are available to all paid club members. Group members get together to train dogs on marks and blinds. These are great opportunities to train your dog and become a better team while having some fun with other retriever enthusiasts.

AKC field trials will bring approximately 200 entries from all over the country. Many of the professionals handling on those weekends are the top professional retriever trainers in the country. This is a great opportunity to see the top dogs in the country competing against each other. Club members host/work during events to make everything go smoothly but are also able to compete in the stakes. Field trials include Open All-Age, Amateur All-Age, Qualifying, and Derby Stakes. Our first field trial was held July 27-29, 2018. At field trials, rosettes and trophies are awarded to the top 4 finishers in each stake, and other top finishers receive rosettes.

AKC Hunt Tests judge each dog against a standard, so the handler/dog are not competing against each other but rather on the merit of the dog's abilities, both natural and trained. Judged areas include a dog's natural ability to mark, remember a fall, hunting style, perseverance, and courage. Trained abilities include such areas as steadiness, control, response, and delivery. Hunt tests have Master, Senior, and Junior stakes. Rosettes are awarded to all dogs finishing with a qualifying score.

Informals are fun events with minimal entry fees.

Each year, the club's goal is to host at least one seminar, usually given by a professional dog trainer. Anyone, not just club members, can attend these seminars. Seminar details will be on the "Events" page.

Youth events are planned each year to encourage and help youth in the area to train their hunting dogs.

Please consider becoming a Vikingland Retriever Club Member and have the opportunity to be involved in a very rewarding sport while becoming a better dog/handler team.


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